About Roan Loal

Intelligent Business Solutions.

A consulting firm with the ability to act on years of built up experience and produce precision results, Roan Loal is a creative force focused on bringing intelligent business solutions to our clients allowing them to effortlessly grow their business in the E-Commerce Marketplace. That means that we develop and maintain websites, product marketing, product packaging, and more for customers and their products all around the world. We offer truly customized solutions built from the ground up for all types of businesses of any sizes.

Our Recent Work

Our recent work

Full-service e-commerce solutions.

We work on a wide variety of content on the day to day basis. From business cards and posters to fully functioning e-commerce superstores, our clients rely on us to make their dreams a reality.



This is what we do.

We do just about everything, but we focus on these areas to provide our clients with the best possible results.


We have millions of prints featuring thousands of unique designs over 50+ years of combined design experience to lend to your project.

  • Web Related Design
  • Print Related Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Product Design
  • Packaging and Promotion


We have the flexibility to develop one-page sites for mom and pop stores and manage million user databases for Fortune 500 Companies.

  • E-Commerce Development
  • Business Websites
  • Product Development
  • Production Automation
  • UI/UX Trouble Shooting


Our Management solutions include everything from Simple Information Liaisons to full website management, process improvement, waste reduction, and much, much, more.

  • Process Improvement
  • Sourcing
  • Website Management
  • Business Consulting
  • 3rd Party Management Liaison


Results driven design.

We have heavily invested our time into providing E-Commerce solutions to a wide variety of markets, and in the process, we have built an impressive skillset that we can’t wait to put to use with your new website.
  • 10 Years of E-Commerce Excellence

  • Certified Shopify Partner

  • FDA Age Restriction Experienced

  • HIGH-RISK Merchant Experienced

  • 15 Years of Web Development Success

  • Business Consultation Specialists

  • Experienced in Product Development

  • Experienced in Turnkey Automation

  • Driven to supply All-In-One Solutions

  • Tobacco/Alternative Industry Experts

We build dreams.

No matter the style or size of your business Roan Loal can help you reach your Business Goals and find long-term solutions for your Business Challenges. We have built foundations for our clients to sell millions of dollars worth of their products and services all around the globe and we look forward to adding you to our family.

What Our Clients Say

What our clients say

Excellence in e-commerce.

We have the honorable distinction to have been trusted time and time again to provide solutions to some of the most prominent members of the US Tobacco Industry. Most notably with our work in the Hookah Tobacco Industry in which we have worked with vendors on nearly every continent.

“Nick at Roan Loal has been a key factor in our success over the years, working with us from dozens of sales a month to thousands a month he has always brought innovative solutions to the table when faced with any new challenges. It doesnt matter what the project is, any problem we have or any job we need done has been completed and delivered above our expectations, every time. The best in the business for specialized and personalized service.”

Bassem Chahine – CEO Medwakh.com Inc.

“Day or Night, Rain or Shine, I have counted on Roan Loal’s business services to handle many of my business problems both big and small in no time at all. From rebuilding my entire website with zero down time to handling product design and day to day adjustments, Nick’s ability to provide the best possible business solutions while leaning on his years of expereince in the hookah industry provides a incredibly well informed service that cannot be beaten. Highly Recommended!”

John Naddour – Owner Hookahjohn.com

“Nick has been an invaluable member of the extended Social Smoke team and has helped us successfully complete various website and e-commerce projects. These projects span various market segments including retail, wholesale, and special events each with its own complexities and requirements. Nick brings to the table experience and attention to detail an takes time to understand the project and desired result to ensure the end result is fantastic.

Ali Nadimi – Founder, CFO Social Smoke LLC.


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